The menu at Mica changes frequently based on what is in season. We serve our food either a la carte, or as a tasting menu.

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Blue Crab Beignets with old bay mustard 16

Grilled Broccoli Rabe with sauce romesco and lemon 9

Duck Liver Terrine with cranberry, peanut and brioche 18

West Coast Oysters with pickled fennel and hot sauce 17

Delicata Squash Schnitzel with sour cherry and savory granola 14


Erdenheim Farm Pumpkin Bisque with honeycrisp and hazelnut 12

Spiced Beets with whipped avocado, grapefruit and pumpkin seed 13

Duck Liver Terrine with concord grape, watermelon rind and peanut 18

Wild Striped Bass Crudo with preserved mushroom and sunflower 17

Rutabaga Fettuccini with burgundy truffle, brown butter and grape 16

Smoked Pocono Trout with violet mustard and potato chips 15

Charcoal Roasted Eggplant with garlic caramel, bonito butter and basil 16


Crispy Salmon with quince, black lentil and roasted carrot vinaigrette 29

Roast Chicken with cabbage, whipped potato and juniper honey 27

Dayboat Scallops with bacon and chestnut and wheatberry ragout 32

Roasted Monkfish with pumpkin and winter shellfish curry 30

Moulard Duck with roasted parsnip, grilled onion and huckleberry 30

Pot Roasted Cauliflower with burgundy truffle and pickled raisin 25

tasting menu 69

let us cook for you

Six courses of this seasons bounty,
we ask that the entire table participate.
Allergies and aversions are always accommodated.