Each week our dining room tasting menus will be available for curbside. Choose from our protein or vegetarian interpretations of each weeks showcased region. At a discounted price our take home tasting menus consist of five weekly changing courses. This menu will include pictures of plating recommendations and paper menus to follow along. Our goal is to provide you with a special culinary experience in your home that mirrors dinner in our dining room.

Simply add the menu of interest to your cart below. Be sure to fill out all the checkout information when prompted. When ready for curbside pick up you will come to Mica’s rear parking lot off of Evergreen Avenue at your selected arrival time and give us a call. We are happy to bring your meal out to you. No in person transaction, no need to leave messages and wait for a confirmation. We offer an almost contact free takeout experience for your safety. 

“From Vietnam with Love” offered 1/21-1/23

Regular Option 
Pho with oxtail and turnip 
Steamed Dumplings with scallion relish and ginger 
Nem Nuong our Vietnamese sausage with cabbage and bbq
Spiced Black Tea Custard with coconut and jalapeno 

Vegetarian Option 

“A Winter Roll” with roots and plum sauce 
Crispy Tofu with peanuts and rice noodles
“Bahn Mi” with seitan, chili oil and baguette
“Che Chuoi” banana and sago pearls in coconut milk