Mica’s Pantry

Ever wish you could take home one of mica’s delicious vinaigrettes or sauces? Mica’s Pantry will bring some delicious staples home from our kitchen to yours. This pantry includes everything from local grains to seasonal broths or the perfect condiments to accompany your night on the grill. We are pleased to offer a few items that will enhance your cooking at home in between take-out nights. Our pantry offerings will be small at first, but we are excited to watch this category grow!

All Purpose Flour
2lb of locally milled AP flour
Carrot Top and Pistachio Pesto
8oz container of local carrot top and pistachio pesto
Erdenheim Farm Ground Beef
1 pound of pasture raised ground beef from Erdenheim Farm (blast Frozen)
Garlic Caramel
8oz of our sweet and sour garlic caramel, perfect for marinades and grilling meats
Garlic Oil
12oz of roasted garlic oil
Lemon Curd
4oz jar of meyer lemon curd
Lemon Oil
12oz of cold pressed lemon olive oil
Lemon Tarragon Butter
1/2 pound of our tarragon compound butter
Mica Chicken Broth
1qt of or chicken broth, give your home cooking a better foundation.
Miso Caramel
4oz of miso caramel, enjoy it with vanilla ice cream or on your bagel in the morning
Shellfish Bisque
16oz of our lobster and shrimp bisque
Organic Rye Berries
2lb bag of local rye berries
Organic Spelt
2lb of local spelt berries
Organic Wheat Flour
2lb bag of locally milled wheat flour
Our Fermented Hot Sauce
4oz bottle of 3 year aged hotsauce (HOT!)
Our Preserved Lemons
4oz jar or preserved lemons. great for salads, marinades, pasta sauces etc
Pasta Flour
2lb bag of finely milled hard wheat flour for pasta
18oz of house fermented cabbage
2lb bag of coursely milled hard wheat for pasta
Smoked Jalapeno Jelly
A 4oz jar of our smoked jalapeno pepper jelly
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All Set?